Brianna Burns

WSET Diploma / Wine Educator

Thrilled to announce a new ingredient in the house! 

Brianna Needle was born in California, but has lived in the Triangle for almost 30 years. 

After a year living in Ireland, traveling all over Europe, she caught the wine bug and began pursuing a career in wine education. She recently completed her WSET Diploma and has 10+ years of experience in the wine industry as general manager of a retail store and bar in the triangle. “I’m looking forward to inspiring a new wave of wine-lovers. An Master Somm once told me that “wine was a condiment for food as a way to elevate the meal”. But I like to think of wine one step further as an addition to life. Wine brings people together, creates experiences and elevates our lives.” – BN

Cheers to our new educator!

IG: @burnsthroughwine